Service and Quality

We provide quality workmanship with professional, dependable and courteous service.

Keeping up with the latest technology and offering top-notch customer service, we are committed to giving only the best to our customers.  We will impress you with our professionals who are highly trained and will be respectful of your property, be courteous, be technically knowledgeable, and properly clean-up their work area.

Eugene Adams, Inc. specializes in various makes and models of heating and air conditioning systems, heat pumps, humidifiers, electric air cleaners, clock thermostats and oil to gas conversions; we are confident that we will meet your needs.

Boxing In Of Duct Work
Sometimes in older homes, with no central air conditioning, duct work has to be run exposed.  With other air conditioning contractors you would have to hire a separate contractor to box in or soffit, in other words, to hide the duct work.  Here at Eugene Adams Inc. we have the capability of cosmetically hiding your duct work at an additional charge.  This presents both a great convenience and a big money saver to our customers who do not have to find, hire and coordinate another contractor while your air conditioning is being installed.

Please click on this link to see a sample of our boxed in duct work - consisting of framing, sheet rock and taping.
Annual Maintenance Agreement For Qualified Residential Heating and Cooling Systems
Because we care about your comfort and the importance of peace-of-mind, we recommend maintaining your heating and air conditioning system regularly.  Our Eugene Adams Annual Maintenance Agreement for qualified residential heating and cooling systems is reasonably priced and provides the customer with two tune-ups and two cleanings during a twelve month period. This insures the air conditioning and heating system are in proper working order. If a unit is properly maintained, it will operate more efficiently. A more efficiently operating unit will reduce energy bills, repair bills, and provide the customer comfort throughout the year.

For top coverage of your equipment we also offer service contracts that cover parts and labor together with two yearly cleanings. Please call us for more details. 

How does a customer benefit from purchasing a maintenance agreement?


For a low price of $168.00 you can have:

  • Peace-of-Mind and Comfort in Your Home
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Maintain Your Present Equipment Efficiency
  • Receive Preferred Scheduling for Emergency Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on All Service
To take advantage of the benefits of a Eugene Adams Maintenance Agreement and immediate money-saving opportunity, return the signed Maintenance Agreement Contract (found on the next page - click on Read on link) and payment to: Eugene Adams, Inc. 2106 Good Intent Road, Deptford, NJ 08096. For more information about our maintenance agreements please Contact Us. 
Why are we the best deal

You as a consumer have a choice of companies offering maintenance agreements and service contracts for heating and cooling equipemt but it is not as easy to see the truth behind convoluted offers and supposed special deals.  The truth is that our agreements continue to be the best deal and our experienced technicians the best protection your comfort equipment can have.

To help you see this we include in the below table a price comparison of our maintenance agreement with the South Jersey Energy/HomeServe (South Jersey Gas service contracts are now provided by an independent company HomeServe USA Repair Management Corp/South Jersey Energy Service Plus):

Company/Service Contract Type Eugene Adams South Jersey Energy/HomeServe
Gas heat equipment only
Gas heat and AC equipment
Oil heat equipment only
NOT supported
Oil hear and AC equipment $320/year NOT supported
AC equipment only $229/year NOT supported

A very important difference is that the South Jersey Energy/HomeServe service plans include ONLY ONE annual maintenance visit.  With heating and AC equipment plans we think it is extremely important to service them at the beginning of both the heating and cooling seasons which is why we come out twice a year - for a lower price!

Moreover, South Jersey Energy/HomeServe is not an authorized Rheem or Tappan dealer and we provide a wider choice of equipment and brands for installation.