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January - February 2007

Getting The Most Out Of Your Professional Cleaning

Technology for your heating and cooling system advances with new ways to make your home energy and cost efficient.

Now more homeowners are upgrading to either a higher seer rating cooling system or changing to a 90% or higher AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) heating system in their homes.

Whether homeowners are upgrading or not, it is very important to keep your heating and cooling system maintained every season.  The number 1 maintenance that homeowners can do themselves is changing the filter every 30 to 90 days.  What about inside your equipment?  With soot and dust accumulating on blowers, flame sensors and burner tubes and with the condenser that is sitting outside through all kinds of weather overlooking cleanings can cost you a lot.  Lack of maintenance and cleaning will increase heating and cooling costs and shorten your equipment's life.

Our service technicians are highly trained to maintain your heating and cooling equipment.  Whether it's your HVAC equipment, water heaters, humidifiers, electronic air cleaners or duct work, you will be giving your home system the TLC that it deserves and you will be getting out of your system better performance, higher efficiency and longer lifespan you deserve.

The IC Cam

Did you even wonder what that musty smell is?  Or do I really have a crach in the heat exchanger/chamber?  Ever had to check if the duct work behind a wall is falling apart or rotting away?

We have the answer to these questions without the headache of tearing your house or equipment apart. 
Eugene Adams, Inc. offers what we call an "IC Cam".

The IC Cam is a highly innovative device designed to help our trained technicians answer your tough questions whose answers can be found in hard to reach places in your home.  With its color portable monitor and 35 feet reach, it is designed to go into the tightest or furthest spaces in your home.  It can be your X-ray eyes to help you see what you cannot reach without pulling your equipment apart or tearing down the walls of your house.  By using the IC cam you can get the definitive answer that you have been looking for.

For more information regarding the IC cam and to learn how it could be of use to you regarding your home comfort systems call Eugene Adams, Inc. or just E-mail us with your questions or concerns.

Updates From Us To You


All of the employees at Eugene Adams Inc. would like to congratulate Mr. Eugene Adams for another great year.  This January Eugene Adams Inc. has been in business for 27 years and counting.  We look forward to more great years to come.


Congratulations to Carrie and Bryan - our two staff members that will be married this April.  Best of luck from all of us at Eugene Adams Inc.