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Integrate It All In One Innovative System
Many homeowners think of their air conditioner and furnace as two toally separate appliances that operate independently from each other. But they are not. They are actually the integrated peices of a system that cools, heats and circulates the air inside your home. Your home comfort circulates the air inside your home. Your home comfort system is just that - a system that provides total year-round comfort fro your home.

In order to achieve the perfect balance of comfort, efficiency and operating excellence, a system is composed of compatible equipment matched in capacity. This is sometimes referred to as a "matched system". A matched system includes not only your cooling and heating units, but also an air cleaner and a programmable thermostat for perfect temperature control.

Most products Eugene Adams, Inc. carries for home comfort systems are designed to deliver comfort efficiently and economically not only as individual products, but also as a system solution. So i you are planning to install a new furnace or air conditioner, you may also want to consider comfort controls and air-quality products.

Installed together, our wide variety of products can deliver on every comfrot count: quiet operation, even temperatures, balanced humidity, consistent airflow and healthier air quality.

Depending on your needs, Eugene Adams, Inc. can design the perfect home comfort system for you and your family. Ask for the latest products from Lennox and Rheem.