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Air Conditioners - Not Only For Cooling Your Home
An air conditioner is a mechanical device that transfers heat from inside your home to the outside air. Heat s removed by first passing indoor air throughan evaporator coil where refrigeration lines absorb the heat. The heat is then carried outside to the condenser coil where it is released into the outside air. This process continues until the air inside your home is at the desired temperature.

An air conditioner doesn't just cool the air. There are other functions that can have an equally important role in your comfort. They remove the moisture and dust in the air as well as circulate the air. To accomplish these functions, air conditioners must have these basic components:

Compressor - compresses and pumps the refrigerant through the system;

Evaporator coil - absorbs heat and moisture from your home;

Condensor coil - releases the heat into the ouside air;

Fan motor - circulates the air inside your home and also blows hot air outside;

Refrigerant expansion device - cools the refrigerant to that it can absorb heat;

Operating controls - turns unit on/off, sets desired temperature, controls fan speed, etc.