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Lennox Takes a Glimpse Into the Future
Imagine yourself in your favorite recliner, sitting in your own high-tech command center. With the simple touch of a button, you dim the lights, answer the phone, turn down the air conditioner, and check on the kids via a closed-circuit TV monitor.

Sound like some futuristic fantasy? This will soon be possible thanks to home networking, where every electronics system in the home is seamlessly integrated through Internet-based technologies. The idea is to have everyday devices networked together so that you can control them from anywhere you have Internet access whether it's at home, the office or a hotel room.

Always loooking toward the future, Lennox engineers are now investigating ways to make HVAC systems part of the networked picture. Lennox already has products with build-in features that allow integration as a total comfort system. The next step is to link this system to a larger networked system within the home.

A networked HVAC system would allow you to monitor and manage your interior climate - at any time, from anywhere. It would even make electronic decisions on your behalf. For instance, if there's a sudden change of weather while you are away on vacation, the system would automatically adjust temperature for optimal efficiency. Likewise, if there's a problem, the system would alert you via email.

The vision of the networked home would bring added control, convenience and cost-effectiveness to your living environment. Visions that will help satisfy every imaginable comfort need.