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Heating and cooling - FUN FACTS

Eugene Adams Inc. Newsletter Spring 2004

Which automobiles were the first to include air conditioning?

Air conditioning in automobiles began as a luxury and was originally introduce in luxury cars. The frist car that offered an optional air conditioning system was the 1940 Packard. Car buyers would have to wait another seventeen years before Cadillac made it a standard feature in its 1957 Eldorado Brougham.

What invention did the most to increase summertime attendance at the movies?

Air Conditioning. Before theaters had artifically cooled air, picture shows could get rather stuffy during the summertime heat. That is until Willis Carrier conceived the idea for "controlled air" on a balmy night in 1902. The system he came up with was originally used in factories and schools, but soon became standard at theaters to the great delight of moviegoers.

Didi you know natural gas was originally used to light the night?

Manufactured gas was used for street lighting in Baltimore in 1816. Later in the 1800's, some of the larger homes were equipped with gas lights for indoor lighting. Back then gas was produced from coal or oily liquids.

What is that odor?

Natural gas is odorless until an odorant, whih has a distinctive smell similar to rotten eggs, is added as a safety precaution so that the gas can be easily detected. The odorant is added before the natural gas begins its journey through our distribution pipelines that eventually bring it to customers.