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Spring into action with an air conditioning check-up!
Eugene Adams Inc. Newsletter Spring 2004
The old adage is true: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

And an ounce of prevention on your air conditioner or heat pump is worth more than that, especially if it keeps it from breaking down in the middle of the summer. Preventive maintenance will save you money on emergency repair costs and higher than normal energy bills. If you haven't had your air conditioning system checked out recently, it might need some attention.

Here are some basic areas that need periodic inspection to ensure that you stay comfortable in the summer and that your energy bills stay as low as possible.

Change your filter regularly.
What does that have to do with air conditioning? The answer is - everything. Proper air movement is creitical for your system to operate at optimum efficiency. A dirty air filter drastically reduces the air moving through your air conditioning system. Check your filter monthly and change as needed.

Clean the indoor and outdoor coils.
Another part of your air conditioning system that can restric airflow is a dirty coil. The indoor coil si the part of your air conditioner that removes heat from your house. The outdoor ciol is th epart of your system that rejects the heat to the outside. Just 1/100th of an inch of dirt on the coil can reduce your system's efficiency by 5 percent. If you haven't had your coils cleaned in a while, it would be a good idea to have a professional from Eugene Adams, Inc. check them for you and clean them if needed. While we are out there, it is a good idea to have your indoor blower fan checked and cleaned.

Keep debris and plants away from the outside unit.
Your outside unit needs to "breathe" in order to get rid of the heat it removed from the inside of your house. Landscaping that is too close, objects leaning or stacked on the outside unit, or decks built right over the outside unit can cause the heat it is rejecting to re-circulate back into the unit. This situation cause your air conditioning to work harder and your energy bills to go up.

Have the Freon level in your sysrem checked.
Freon is the substance that flows from the indoor to the outdoor coil and transfers the heat out of your house. A proper amount of Freon in your air conditioning unit is creitical to its efficient operation. Too little of too much Freon is bad fro your air conditioner. A qualified air conditioning technician will be able to check your system to determine it it has the proper amount of Freon. Note: don't assume that because your house is new it has the proper amount of Freon.

Anything that is properly maintained will last longer. Heating and air conditioning systems are no different. Eugene Adams, Inc. offers regular maintenance agreementsfor your systems that check on all the items listed. You would do well to get onto a regular maintenance schedule and the best time to get your air conditioning maintenance done is in the spring when our company's workload is lighter. Please contact us today to sig up for an annual air conditioning maintenance agreement. That ounce of prevention will be worth it when the weather gets hot and you can stay cool.