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Being prepared to fight fires at home!

Eugene Adams Inc. Newsletter Winter 2003/04

Winter is soon approaching and it's starting to feel like it. Our temperatures are expected to drop near freezing in the nights ahead. That means you'll be cranking up the furnace or fire place. And because of that, there are more house fires in December and January than any other months. The three keys to preventing house fires and injuries are planning, prevention and practice.


First of all, make a plan. Draw out a floor plan of your home and talk with your family about how you will get out depending on which room the fire is in. You almost have to prepare yourself mentally for that. That means you should think out every possible escape route from every room in your house. And practice makes perfect. You should do a fire drill with your family at least twice a year. And don't forget, smoke not only makes it hard to breathe, it may also cloud the room so you can't see.


And you also want to make sure your heating equipment runs properly. So now is the time to service your water heater and furnace, get your fireplace chimney cleaned out and be careful where you place portable heaters.