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Convert to Natural Gas Heat

It Is Time To Convert To Natural Gas

With good prices, utility rebates and government tax credits there is no time like now to convert from oil heat to the clean and efficient natural gas heat.  Read on to learn about some of the advantages of converting.tax_credit_image

  • NJ Clean Energy incentives - save up to $400 on a new gas furnace, or up to $300 on a gas boiler. Read about it on the New Jersey Clean Energy website.
  • Federal tax credit - get up to $1,500 tax credit for installing a qualified high efficiency heating and cooling product.  Learn about it on Rheem's website.
  • The right price - at this time natural gas is cheaper than fuel oil and it appears it will continue to be so for a while. Moreover, unlike fuel oil, 84% of US gas consumption is produced locally and most of the rest is imported from Canada.
  • Help the environment - natural gas heat produces far fewer greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants than heating with oil.
  • Pay what you consume - instead of buying 200+ gallons of fuel oil upfront, with natural gas you pay only what you have used after you have used it.
  • Never run out of fuel with natural gas - almost every oil heat customer runs out of fuel at least once, often on weekends or late at night. Don't be stuck waiting for oil fuel deliveries.
  • Easy furnace start-up with natural gas - if you run out of oil you could dirty the filter and clog the nozzle necessitating a visit by a service specialist.
  • Equipment cost - oil furnaces and boilers cost more then gas furnaces and boilers.
  • Maintenance cost - oil furnaces and boilers are much more difficult and expensive to clean and maintain then gas equipment. Also the maintenance has to be performed more frequently.  Therefore service contracts and repairs for gas are cheaper and will save you a lot of money over the years.
  • Re-sale value - most home buyers prefer to purchase a house with natural gas over the one with fuel oil.  It is also very difficult and almost impossible to sell a house with a tank in the ground.
  • Underground tank problems - if your tank is in the ground, and it leaks, the cleanup costs could be as high as $100,000.  It is even more complex if the leak extends into your neighbors' yard.
  • Fuel oil tank - if your tank is in the basement, by converting to gas heat you can free up valuable space that you could use better.  You could remodel it for additional living space and add equity and value to your home.

See also the NBC special about oil to gas conversion on our frontpage.

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