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Eugene Adams Inc. Winter Newsletter 1

Hot Winter Tips to Stay Warm & Save Money

We are in for a cold winter, but you can stay warm. Read on for energy savings tips to stay warm and comfy in your home while keeping your heating costs down.

Need a New Furnace? Choose Smart!
The lowest cost is not always the best when choosing a new heating system; because heating accounts for close to two-thirds of your annual energy bill. For smart comparison shopping, check the back of manufacturers' brochures for EnerGuide ratings on the furnace models you are considering. Read on for some helpful hints and explanations.
Winter Newsletter 1 Trivia Quiz
  1. Which of the following is not affected by wind chill?
    1. person
    2. dog
    3. car radiator
    4. bird
  2. On the average, one inch of rain is equivalent to how many inches of snow?
    1. 10 inches
    2. 1 inch
    3. 5 inches
    4. a foot
  3. What is more hazardous to trees and power lines?
    1. one inch of wet snow
    2. one inch of ice
Read on for answer key.
Being prepared to fight fires at home!

Winter is soon approaching and it's starting to feel like it. Our temperatures are expected to drop near freezing in the nights ahead. That means you'll be cranking up the furnace or fire place. And because of that, there are more house fires in December and January than any other months. Read on about the three keys to preventing house fires and injuries.

Why is it so hard to please everyone when it comes to temperature?
Why can't we agree about something as simple as temperature? When people enjoy the freedom to choose their temperature, why do they so often differ in their preferences?
Seasonal Savings Tip

Invest in a programmable thermostat; it can help lower your energy bills by one percent for every degree it's set back over an eight hour period.  Turning your thermostat back from 70 to 65 degrees will save you 5% on your energy bill.

Keeping your pet safe from winter woes

Read some hints about keeping your pet  safe from winter woes.